Above all else, I value Emile for the way he is continuously able to look at things from a unique (and often abstract) perspective. Usually being one, or a few steps ahead of the curve. That, combined with his creative talent, often sheds new light on discussions and perspectives. He is often able to enthuse people around him with his vision - not limited to merely product. Next to that, I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him, as Emile is able to brighten up even the most boring lunch conversation with some well-directed provocative remarks. In short: Emile stirs up the way people look at things, which is much needed in any organisation
Emile has a thriving vision regarding of future, the most valuable skill of a Product Owner. Having a solid agile software development knowledge, he is easy to work with in any agile teams. His down-to-earth attitude and cool personality makes any interaction with him to be FUN.
I hired Emile as a Product Manager in 2006 and he quickly developed to the driving force behind a significant part of our product offerings. Emile brings a rare combination of functional knowledge, commercial insight, people skills and tenacity in delivering product on time. Apart from that, his wide experience in product management roles and knowledge about best practices brought many improvements to the overall company as well.
Simply put, Emile is one of a special kind: He has a unique talent for spotting future trends, identifying the technology best suited, and translating this to a business need. He has a passion to learn, and a commitment to a vision and is open to new ideas, always looking to exploit technology in new and exciting ways. A visionary!