With over 20 years of experience in product management there is a lot to tell. Below an overview of my skills and experiences. But bottom line is: 

If you do Scrum and in need of a Certified Scrum Product Owner, want to improve your processes or are in need of innovation,  we have a reason to talk.

10+ Year Product Manager

Delivering products is my second nature.

10 Year Product Owner

Agile and Scrum is the way to deliver products and features fast. 

10 Year Business Analyst

Understanding Business processes and customers!

10+ Year Functional Design

Core competence of a Product Manager

10+ Year Tech Innovation

Each company I had the pleasure to work in was in some way trying to innovate in their market.

5 Year Financial data

Designing Data managements systems and front-ends for Financial instrument data for banks. Dealing with data coming from Reuters, Bloomberg, Markit, ect 

10 Year Data Management

Using data starts with collecting it. And this collection (and cleaning) part is in general the hardest past of a Project.


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